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Piston diameter
Up to 19¾’’
Casing diameter
Up to 24’’
Joints (options)
Threaded with weld
Threaded without weld
Butt weld

Sometimes, a project’s requirements can not allow the drilling of a pit, which means the installation of a single stage inground is not possible. In this case, you use a single stage « Holeless » to carry passengers and freights.

Standard equipment
    • Casing
    • Piston
Optional accessories
    • “Double seal” head
    • Multi-pieces jacks
    • Twin configuration
  • Easy to install, this jack is suitable for all elevator configurations.
  • Most economical option from a “material acquisition cost” point of view.
  • Excellent load capacity can be used as a passenger or freight elevator.
  • Twin configuration can increase the capacity of the elevator.
  • This type of jack may require more adjustments and maintenance than its inground equivalent.
  • The design of an « Holeless » elevator requires a clearance above the cab (overhead).
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