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Piston diameter
Up to 19¾’’
Casing diameter
Up to 24’’
Joints (options)

This specific design remains the standard solution for most of your installation needs. Its simple and effective design makes vertical transportation over several floors reliable and affordable.

Standard equipment
    • Casing
    • Piston
Optional accessories
    • Support plate
    • Buffer spring
    • PVC oil recovery sheath
    • “Double seal” head
    • Protective coating
    • Life Jacket (plunger gripper) Provision (extra stick out)
    • Multi-pieces jacks
  • Easy to install, this jack is suitable for all elevator configurations.
  • Most economical option from a “material acquisition cost” point of view.
  • Excellent load capacity can be used as a passenger or freight elevator.
  • The maintenance of this jack is simple and easy. Our customer service will answer all your questions or help you to order the maintenance supply you need.
  • Oil spill in the soil is technically possible since the jack is installed in a pit dug under the structure. To prevent such a disaster, a PVC recovery sheath can be installed as an option.
  • The depth of the well must be equal to the travel of the lift. However, the drilling of such pits can be expensive and sometimes difficult (depending on the building structure or quality of the underground environment). A telescopic jack may be a solution of choice when this situation occurs because the length of the closed jack is shorter than the inground design, which means a less deep pit to dig.
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